Maintenance Programs

Various types of maintenance programs as well as finance options are available. These can be tailored to body corporate and commercial building owner requirements.

External washing (as pictured) is often part of a structured seven year maintenance schedule.

Colour Scheme Visualisation

Using commercial desktop publishing software, Grant Painters enable you to visualise your building with various colour schemes.

Grant Painters can also provide as much assistance as you require with developing a contemporary and suitable colour scheme.

Weatherproofing & Waterproofing

We are usually able to find & fix any external building leaks in connection with wall cracks & joints, windows, box gutters etc. We will recommend and coordinate a plumber/roofer if needed.

Waterproofing of roof top airconditioning plant decks (as pictured) is important but sometimes out of sight and neglected.

Replacement of Rusted Fittings

It is a better option to replace heavily rusted down pipe and conduit brackets with new stainless steel fittings, particularly in coastal locations. We can take care of this if requested.

Concrete and Render Repair

Grant Painters will carry out the following works where necessary or if requested:

  • Repairs of chipped corners to rendered or masonry walls and columns.
  • Concrete spalling / cancer repairs in coastal environments.
  • Rendering of complete areas.

Balcony Run-Off Deflectors

Installation of pre-formed aluminium balcony run-off deflectors will prevent water run-off from staining slab fascias and walls below. The deflectors are unobtrusive and hardly noticeable when painted. If requested, Grant Painters can provide a separate price for this work in conjunction with a complete repaint.

Pre-Formed Decorative Mouldings

Grant Painters install custom made pre-formed decorative mouldings. Constructed of a foam base with a hard polyurethane shell, the mouldings offer some resistance to foraging birds.

Bird Proofing

Grant Painters have the necessary regulatory approvals to deal with nesting birds including migratory swallows on coastal high rise buildings.

New Signage

Repainting of a unit complex is often not complete without a new front sign. We include this in our quote if needed.

Roof Access Systems

In certain situations it is incumbent on commercial building owners to provide maintenance trades such as air conditioning mechanics and plumbers with a safe roof access system. Painters may also require such a system. In consultation with a specialist supplier, Grant Painters can design & install a permanent roof access system for use by all trades.


Driveways are efficiently cleaned and resealed if needed.

Year after year, Grant Painters have been appointed and trusted to maintain the high levels of security clearance, safety and quality standards required at some of Australia’s largest defence facilities including Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks.

Since 2005 Grant Painters has collected 8 Queensland MPA awards, 10 North Queensland MPA awards and a Mackay Regional Council heritage award.

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